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LSD Symposium

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A Selection of Comments on the Symposium from Speakers and Participants


I believe that after this Symposium my Problem Child has definitely turned into a Wonder Drug.
Albert Hofmann

Congratulations to all of you for your excellent job on the Symposium. It certainly got very good press reviews and is a compliment to the Gaia Media Foundation.
Alexander T. Shulgin
L. Ann Shulgin

That was the best symposium I have ever been to! Top class! Bravo! And congratulations to Dieter, Lucius, Angela, and all the wonderful people who made it happen. We had the time of our lives, made innumerable contacts, had our minds blown, and are intellectually revitalized to lead new liberation struggles into the future.
Jeremy Narby

Congratulations to you and your staff for honoring Albert in such an exciting, dignified manner.
Stanley Krippner

I’d like to express my appreciation and admiration for you the organizers, of this immensely successful conference. I've organized a few conferences myself, and am aware of the multitude of small details and problems that can occur, and I must say this was one of the best organized conferences I've ever participated in. Starting from the manner in which arrangements and contracts with presenters were done (efficiently, promptly, courteously), to the program planning itself, where having both individual presentations and panels with multiple presenters allows the audience to get multiple opportunities to hear any speaker. So congratulations — big time!
Ralph Metzner

You created fabulous congress, presented with style and grace.
Jon Hanna

Thank you so much for all your loving support and creation of a practically miraculous event! Thank you for the hard work, the incredible job you did, and most of all for providing for us a most memorable experience that will live in our hearts. I don't remember even having a better time - period.
Alex Grey

Just back in California as of last night. What a great event! Thanks so much for instigating and organizing a symposium for the ages. I hope there will be more such gatherings in the future, although this one will be a hard act to follow. All the best & thanks once again to Dieter and Lucius and all the others who made the symposium such a fantastic success. Martin A. Lee

The "Woodstock" of psychedelic conferences.
Michael Horowitz

Thank you for organizing the LSD Symposium! I had a fantastic time, and if everyone forged as many future collaborations as I did, I suspect that we will see the true consequences of this symposium unfold slowly over the next few years.
Andrew Sewell

Thank You! for the magical event!
Mark McCloud

I just want to write you a quick note saying how much I appreciate the wonderful celebration that you Dieter, Lucius and Angela put on. It was so beautifully organised and ran like a clock-work. I feel very honoured to have been a part of it. It was truly wonderful seeing Albert look in such sparkling form. I enjoyed many of the talks and meeting with so many old friends and new contacts. Amanda Feilding

Let me congratulate you and all the Gaia people for the excellent conference in January. In addition to meeting many old friends, some new ones, and enjoying the speakers, I felt personally and professionally affirmed in my work. You are doing a great service for the world.
Tom Roberts

Virginia and I still have dreams about those days in Basel. It was our honeymoon, soon after we got married.
John Beresford

Thank you for a most entertaining and informative symposium; especially impressive was the meticulous running to schedule. To hold such a large and well organised event was a great achievement. I had a great time and met many interesting people. The positive atmosphere and the high level of input from attenders & speakers made it feel like a cusp event similar to the 1965 poetry reading in London’s Albert Hall. Switzerland, being a Western country but not a member of the EU, is in a unique geo-political position to affect policies on psychedelics, both local and global. It is really important that there is a follow-up to the "Appeal for the Authorities" and that this theme is carried forward to future symposia. Once again, congratulations! John "Hoppy" Hopkins


I met so many incredible people and it was so good to see old friends. You put on an amazing event of historic proportions. Many good things will come out of the symposium/celebration in time to come, I'm sure.
David Jay Brown, California

Many thanks for a wonderful weekend! Luc Sala, Holland It was a pleasure being at this historic never-to-be-repeated event. The rewards of all our hard work will inevitably be passed down for future historians to judge. Mike Kawitzky, Cape Town, South Africa

Thank you all of the Gaia Media team for a most illuminating conference!
Rak Razam, Australia

Reviews and Impressions from the 2006 LSD Symposium Basel, Switzerland, submitted by Conference Attendees.
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