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LSD Symposium

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Supporting Program

Supporting Program


The Attractive Supporting Program in the Lobby

In small group discussions, round-tables and presentations, points of view will be elucidated, extraordinary experiences reported, controversial opinions disputed. Here, you can ask what seemed to be unclear in the main program, or what you thought did not get the attention it deserved. Immediately after their talks and seminars many of our speakers will devote time to this. Well-known consciousness researchers, drug experts, artists, contemporary witnesses and other specialists will be ready to answer your questions. The day’s program will be available for reference at the registration desk on the ground floor or at the information desk in the lobby. Program changes at short notice will be communicated via announcements. Additional information will be available at the information desk. Slight divergences from the program are not only unavoidable, but welcome. Unlike the main program, the "Forum" offers much space for spontaneous appearances and improvisations.

The Symposium's Patrons will present themselves at their own information desks.

Sound and visual recordings of almost all lectures, discussions, seminars and workshops will also be on offer in the lobby.

Exhibitions in the Convention Center’s Lobby

Selected exhibits and objects linked to Albert Hofmann, LSD and related areas and topics from the extensive collection of the Ludlow Santo Domingo Library (L.S.D. Library), Geneva.

"Trigger Art" presents an exhibition with international psychedelic and visionary artists:Alex Grey (USA), Robert Venosa (USA), Martina Hoffmann (USA), Claude Steiner (CH), Nadia Honarchian (CH), Wolfgang Maria Ohlhäuser (GER), Walter Wegmüller (CH), H. R. Giger (CH), Nana Nauwald (GER), Kurt J. Haas (CH), Radovan Hirsl (CH), Otto Placht (CZ), Fred Weidmann (CH/GER), Stephanie Welk (GER)

Selected Blotter Art exhibits from Mark McCloud’s collection, the biggest worldwide.

100 Years Albert Hofmann: a photographic presentation by a number of internationally known photographers.

Slide shows, film and video projections.

Forum Highlights

Here you can meet numerous experts, partly active in the main program, partly only as contributors to this supporting program:

John Beresford is a Canadian psychiatrist who started The Committee on Unjust Sentencing, a support group for prisoners of the War on Drugs. In this presentation he reads messages from LSD prisoners addressed to Albert Hofmann, thanking Dr. Hofmann for his life's work. Photos of the prisoners are shown on the screen as the messages are read.

Mathematician, musician and drug expert Hans Cousto offers information on subjects like mixing drugs and safer drug use. Furthermore he will talk about basics and backgrounds of the settings to music of the LSD molecule, composed by the Akasha Project.

Jochen Gartz, Ph.D. informs about all aspects of psychoactive mushrooms, especially the relevant European species.

Alex Grey illustrates his personal way as an artist and his psychedelic experiences which have inspired him most of all.

Writers Ulrich Holbein and Micky Remann
are offering dialogs entitled "Somnambulist Saloon", thematically free and irrespective of day or night.

Michael Horowitz shows a short video of Albert Hofmann and Timothy Leary, recorded in Basel in 1972.

Mike Kawitzky will show True Conversations, a short movie starring Terence McKenna, especially made for the LSD symposium honoring the 100th Birthday of Dr. Albert Hofmann. "True Conversations" is an illuminated glimpse into the agile mind of Terence Mckenna, with the added insight of brother, Prof. Dennis J. McKenna. This is the first time that Dennis and Terence have appeared in a movie together, and that's not the only reason why this short film is a must see.

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. and Joze Sulla will talk about Santo Daime and trace back this Brazilian religion to its roots.

American writer Martin A. Lee will show the short film LSD-A-Go-Go, based on his book Acid Dreams.

Omananda presents his Liquid Crystal Vision Video, computeranimated by TantricDemon & Dr. Spook, featuring music by Banco de Gaia, Shpongle, Irrestible Force, Bufo, a.o., as well as interviews mit Steve Hillage/System 7, Raja Ram, Goa Gil, Youth, Swami, Alex Grey, a.o.

Connie Littlefield will present her doumentary film Hofmann's Potion, produced by Kent Martin for the National Film Board of Canada. The documentary delves into the little known early history of the world's most notorious psychedelic. Long before Timothy Leary urged a generation to "tune in, turn on and drop out," lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, was being used by researchers trying to understand the human mind. This documentary is a fascinating look at the story of "acid" before it hit the streets.
Featuring interviews with many LSD pioneers, Hofmann's Potion is much more than a simple chronicle of the drug's early days. With thoughtful interviews, beautiful music and stunning cinematography, it is an invitation to look at LSD, and our world, with a more open, compassionate mind.
The film features interviews with the following people: Albert Hofmann, Myron Stolaroff, Stanislav Grof, Humphrey Osmond, Abram Hoffer, Duncan Blewett, Ralph Metzner, Ram Dass, Laura Archera Huxley, and in spirit: Aldous Huxley, Al Hubbard, and Timothy Leary.

Blue Woman is a science fiction figure created by the Swiss artist Lisa Maito. She expresses a vision of understanding and connecting the differences of the cultures and peoples of the world: a symbol of peace. In the "Walking Acts" she gracefully and discreetly interacts with the audience and creates a cheerful relaxation and quiet resonance. Her dance arouses associations and feelings of unity and loosening.

Members of MAPS inform about and discuss the following topics: Valerie Mojeiko presents her ibogaine study; Charles S. Grob, M.D. talks about ayahuasca; Andrew Sewell, M.D. reports about his studies on the treatment of cluster headache patients with LSD and psilocybin; John H. Halpern, M.D. informs about neurocognitive changes after taking MDMA, and Michael Mithoefer, M.D. about the use of MDMA, while treating patients with posttraumatic stress disorders.

Artist and author Nana Nauwald teaches und researches "Rituals of Perception." The Changed View: the artist gives some suggestions to the comprehensive perception of her visionary art.

Jonathan Ott, translator of Albert Hofmann’s LSD - My Problem Child into English offers an insight into Albert Hofmann's Die Mutterkornalkaloide (The Ergot Alkaloids), published in 1964, which he is translating into English at the moment.

Dale Pendell will read his prose poem Das Mutterkorn (The Making of Delysid).

Carl P. Ruck Ph.D. speaks about the religious use of psychoactive sacraments in the present-day legal situation.

Manuel Schoch informs about the therapeutical use of drugs; about meditation and drugs as well as about group work with drugs.

Ann Shulgin gives insights into her experience with psychedelic therapies and will answer questions.

Wolfgang Sterneck combines his report about personal LSD experiences with scientific studies. He underscores his comments with paintings and collages by different artists on the topic’s different aspects.

Peter Webster will be available for questions on topics like "LSD and the Evolution of Man" and "Mysteries of Eleusis".

Munich-based Swiss artist Fred Weidmann Ph.D. discusses ways of consciousness work in painting.

Swiss psychotherapist and shaman Carlo Zumstein Ph.D. presents contributions on the topics "Dreaming as Original State of Consciousness, Being Awake as Altered (Narrow) State of Consciousness" and "Spiritual Formation of Being Well instead of Healing Illnesses".

January 2006 • subject to alteration
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