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LSD Symposium

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Chemists in Basel excelled at transforming matter. Albert Hofmann took this to a higher level: his LSD-25 showed that molecules can radically alter consciousness. He thereby established an undeniable link between matter and mind. Furthermore, Hofmann acted in the name of knowledge and experimented on himself, thereby setting an ethical example.
Jeremy Narby

I first met Albert Hofmann in 1977 when we were members of a symposium at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He described his search for a medication that would assist people suffering from migraine headaches, concocting LSD-25 in the late 1930s and administered it to animals. The preliminary tests were unimpressive, and the substance gathered dust on his laboratory shelf for several years. In 1943, he had a "strange feeling" that he should revisit the chemical, concocted a fresh batch, and the rest is history. Nevertheless, Dr. Hofmann's "problem child" remains a premature discovery, a vision still in need of incarnation. Its potential for evoking human creativity, for facilitating intuition and problem-solving, for treating mental illness and alleviating pain, for bringing meaning to the lives of terminally ill patients, and for serving as an investigative tool for neuroscience has yet to be fully realized. In the meantime, Dr. Hofmann's legacy includes not only a remarkable chemical, but the discoveries resulting from his investigations in ethnomycology, anthropology, and history. Above all, he and his wife have served as role models, demonstrating how one can live sanely in an insane world, retaining a sense of joy and wonder in a turbulent era.
A century from now, Albert Hofmann will be remembered as a pathfinder whose work explored the boundaries of human possibilities and extended the ways in which humanity could attain its potential birthright.
Stanley Krippner

As the LSD began to take effect, I suddenly said ... : ’Every Psychiatrist, every psychoanalyst should be forced to take LSD in order to know what is over here.’ What I meant was that anybody who has anything to do with the human mind and ist care should be trained in these spaces.
John C. Lilly

LSD ... was the first demonstration ever that a man-made compound, one that had not come from some plant source, could be a true psychedelic drug.
Alexander T. Shulgin

Consciousness is what we're in need of to avoid running off the cliff into armageddon. If the claim that these drugs expand consciousness, promote empathy, and allow deeper insights into our problems has any validity at all, it should be explored very carefully and very thouroughly.
Terence McKenna

I firmly believe that contemporary spiritual use of entheogenic drugs is one of humankind's brightest hopes for overcoming the ecological crisis from which we threaten the biosphere and jeopardize our own survival, for Homo sapiens is close to the head of the list of endangered species. Jonathan Ott

Perhaps to some extent we have lost sight of the fact that LSD can be very, very helpful in our society if used properly.
Senator Robert Kennedy, 1966

The future is going to spon faster, and wilder, of that we can be sure. If you don’t like acid, rest assured you’re not going to like the future. Now, more than ever before, we need to gear our brains to multiplicity, complexity, relativity, change. Those who can handle acid will be able to deal joyfully with what is to come.
Timothy Leary

LSD seems to suspend the imprinted and conditioned brain circuits that normally control perception/emotion/thought, allowing a flood – an ocean – of new information to break through.
Robert Anton Wilson

LSD was such a profound experience in my life that it changed my pattern of life and my way of thinking.
Larry Hagman

Acid is not for every brain... only the healthy, happy, wholesome, handsome, hopeful, humorous, high-velocity should seed these experiences. The elitism is totally self-determinated. Unless you are self-confident, self-directed, self-selected, please abstain.
Timothy Leary

Enlightenment is any experience of expanding our consciousness beyond its present limits. We could also say that perfect enlightenment is realizing that we have no limits at all, and that the entire universe is alive.
Thaddeus Golas

45 years ago I came to the conclusion that LSD was the greatest discovery ever made. Myron Stolaroff

To use your head, you have to go out of your mind.
Timothy Leary

The effect of consciousness-expanding drugs will be to transform our concepts of human nature, of human potentialities, of existence. The game is about to be changed, ladies and gentlemen ... Theses possibilities naturally threaten every branch of the establishment. The dangers of external change appear to frighten us less than the peril of internal change. LSD is more frighening than the Bomb!
Leary and Alpert, 1962

The LSD experience usually changes forever the worldview and basic life-orientation of all who experience it.
Ralph Metzner

Those of us who are committed to the preservation of of life in all ist staggering diversity and beauty have only the same resources we've always had: the capacity to move, and help each other to move, inot expanded, awakened consciousness; the purity and strengthof our intention, and the courage and creativity to realize the vision that "another world is possible".
Ralph Metzner

Those wise ones who see that the consciousness within themselves is the same consciousness within all conscious beings, attain eternal peace.
Katha Upanishad

As you open your awareness, life will improve of itself, you won't even have to try. It's a beautiful paradox: the more you open your consciousness, the fewer unpleasant events intrude themselves into your awareness.
Thaddeus Golas

Love is the highest and holiest action because it always contains that which is not love within itself, it always and ever moves to include the unloving.
Thaddeus Golas

I believe that psychedelics used wisely would enable us an individuals and collectively as a society to develop a sense of core identity that transcended divisive distinctions based on national origin, religion, race, gender, class and political orientation.
Rick Doblin

Make Love Not War.
Unknown, around 1966

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